The Wolf Among Us 2.0

A heavily-stylized game adaptation of a cult comic series
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The Wolf Among Us is a game adaptation of the cult comic book series Fables done by the masters of episodic games, Telltale. It's a chilling thriller in the style of film noir that may be the best game Telltale has made to date.

The story follows Fables, creatures from mythology and folklore like Red Riding Hood, Snow White, The Crooked Man, etc. They live in modern days trying to blend in, and their little community is kept in check by mages and the Sheriff, who is none other than the Big Bad Wolf turned human, Bigby for short. You play as Bigby who gets involved in a plot about killings, illegal magic, organized crime and corruption. The story is very reminiscent of neo-noir films like LA Confidential and classics like The Third Man. It's a joy to follow, and the canon characters fit right in with the aesthetics.

The gameplay is Telltale's standard interactive movie with dialogue choices interrupted by short sequences of area exploration and combat minigames, which is a lot more visceral and graphic this time. There isn't much interactivity, but the game only profits from being heavy on the cinematic side.
Telltale's refusal to switch to a modern game engine is becoming more and more evident, as the game suffers from jerky animations, glitches and primitive character models. The situation is once again saved by amazing stylization, painting the visuals in violet neon colors and giving the characters cell-shaded looks as if they were transferred directly from a comic book page. Add to that top-notch voice acting and music, and you get a game that is a joy to look at.

The Wolf Among Us is atmospheric, beautiful and engaging. It's a shining example of a Telltale game done right.

JL Senior editor
James Lynch
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  • Great atmosphere
  • Brilliant voice acting
  • Interesting story


  • Graphics look old
  • Gameplay is not very inventive


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